Please watch Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun



  • not your stereotypical shoujo anime
  • the main character writes shoujo manga and bases all of the male characters on girls and the girls are based off of boys.
  • mikorin is a gift
  • kashima tosses your gender roles out of the water and stomps on them
  • its super cute
  • animation is adorable
  • please watch it you wont regret it!
  • also if you do please message me and tell me what you thought because this anime needs more recognition!




Mai goes insane after Naru leaves from so many violent dreams and becomes a serial killer with a split personality.

She is Mai during the day…

And the killer by night.

The whole premise of this RP is disgustingly ableist….

Oh please please still RP this one it sounds very interesting,is not ruined at all . I always read them and I think you and sprghosthunter are great at it. I gave up RP for now but I always enjoy reading them. Please continue. Don’t let a comment affect you. You have lots of people following you for a reason 😊